Artist Statement

It is important to express own opinion and motivate the dialogue. If something is difficult to explain in words, visual symbols are useful and I can be sincere. Each work is part of my feelings and I can really embody moments and emotions in material and then hang off them away. I like to explore the theme of time, my personal and universal understanding of it. The past and future intersect in the duration or the short period of the present – and we can see it. Some social aspects of it affect me deeper and then my works become more widespread, beyond personal limits.

My art is a reflection of my personal experiences, provoked by events or people. An idea emerges, forms, I try to find the best expression – and sometimes it becomes performance, sometimes collage or textile art. I really like to feel tactile, so the texture is very important to me – I use it even in printing. I like to broad techniques in which I can work – it gives the best for telling my thoughts.

All artworks are filled with content, sometimes it may have an abstract form, but always with specific details that actually clarify the abstraction. Often something depicted is a symbol to a deeper understanding, or has more layers and explanations.

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