The First

So. On Wednesday I eventually had the first personal exhibition.

Yep!!! I`m happy, satisfied and inspiring to create more!

Some words about the concept of the whole thing)

Painting on exhibition were made during last two years, some made on art residences, some in the studio. But they are connected by the main emotional theme – time and its flowing. Artworks represent my personal perception of time as it is different in terms of filling, color and expression.

Dividing it conventionally into the Past, the Present and the Future, there remains a white pure space between them, as a certain boundary separating each time. The Past is perceived as ambiguous and hidden, we do not always know the truth, human memory is very short-lived – an intuitive selection of fragments of memories. It is like an album with color photos. The Present one is a game, emotion, color, life that rages, captures a glance, overlaps, a throbbing moment. But it is sometimes as black-and-white film – what is real color of these moments? It has the parts of the Past and plans for the Future. What will be – unknown but I hope it is full of optimism and infinity, like the starry sky. All time united with each other – it is a flow that is infinite and immensible, in which man is only a grain of sand, but his perception of time creates it.

And human purity is changing through time. A person was born with a pure body and heart. The mind and the consciousness are free of prejudices, frames, patterns and gaze. Time and society are laying them on. The beginning is pure, white, natural, physical. At the end of the life’s journey, it is important to find your spiritual path and rise spiritually.

We can see time especially vividly on nature: changing of seasons, growing of plants, the rhythm of day and night. For me nature is something that comes through time.

I was so happy to see my friends and students and some unknown people!

So grateful for the Universe!

All photos made by Oksana Shpakovych

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