Series of works “Nature. Beauty. Divinity”

Thinking for a long time about this topic and when the proposition for exhibition came from Maria Bilas and the gallery in Ternopil (Ukraine) – just started to implement it.

I see absolute beauty in nature, but I do not try to repeat it, only being inspired and create my own associations. The lines of the mountains, the color of the sea, the snow, the boundlessness of the sky, the vegetation – for the whole I’m trying to find my symbol.

I am close by perception to the philosophy of Nicola Cusano (early Renaissance), according to which art will never become nature, it is only an imitation of it. The source of art and nature is God, but there is neither one nor the other, because  He is above all notions. That is why, in my textile works I add  texts that is a guide. Each line contains either the name of God, or a line from the scripture about the connection with nature, the creation of the world.

Each piece of work is an association, reflections on the world of the artist.

Photos by Oksana Shpakovych (who really helps me!!!)

The gallery is in Ternopil State University of Economics – and it was really good place – so nice possibility to spread art for young generation).

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