Exhibition “My Own History”

In the project “My Own History” I brought together all the basic spheres of human daily activity and spirituality, combining my personal emotions, feelings and experience.

Exposition was divided into two parts. The first was a series of mini textiles that focus on fixing a personal existential flow and studying one’s own life and history, the second was the video recording of a performance which was addressed to the topic of personality identification in the daily routine when a person immersed in work and lost a sense of presence in the moment.

Everyone, observing artworks, can feel their emotions, read it in their own words.

Implementation of the idea of the project “Personal History” was formed over a year. Most of the submitted works are exhibited for the first time and were created during the last few months.

Curator of the project: Oksana Shpakovych.

Podcast about exhibition (in Ukrainian) https://www.facebook.com/radiolviv/videos/762693754098014/


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